Delivering Quality Fitness Equipment & Apparel to Everyday Athletes

Azteca Nutrition & Fitness, LLC’s objective is to provide affordable and reliable fitness equipment to the Fort Hood area. Too often, we hear about the disappointment and regret many of our friends and gym buddies have with poor and inefficient equipment. The bumper sets lack the durability to handle rigorous activity. The barbells bend too easily or have a terrible rotation. And there’s the funky tire smell every time you hit the weights.

Does this all sound familiar? Well, if you’ve never been exposed to anything else, then it’s probably nothing new. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep putting up with it!

That’s how Azteca Nutrition & Fitness, LLC came to be. As a veteran-owned-and-operated business right out of Killeen, Texas, we understand quality equipment when we see it. You can feel it and see the real effects it has on your performance and strength. As combat professionals, we want to deliver the same quality equipment we use in our local gym, Crossfit box, or your home gym or garage. You shouldn’t have to put up with less!

Azteca Is Founded on Affordability, Reliability and Integrity

Leonel Castillo, owner and founder, is still on active duty to this day! With over five years of experience in tough-as-nails physical fitness, he knows plenty when it comes to helping customers find what they need to get real results.

He also knows that quality equipment is hard to come by in today’s market. So much of the exercise and strength training equipment on the market is subpar for the price. That’s why Azteca combines quality and affordability in everything we sell. We pride ourselves in our honest prices and deals made for all those who serve our country in uniform. We even offer 10% of sales to the Green Beret Foundation to help wounded special forces soldiers and their families.

You can currently find our equipment in local gyms and homes across the tri-county area.