Ready to buy, but want to know how? At Azteca Nutrition & Fitness, we offer a number of convenient finance options for you to take advantage of!

We Accept All Major Credit Cards, Cash and PayPal!

Visa, MasterCard and any other major credit card on the book are accepted at Azteca Nutrition & Fitness. So if you’re strapped for cash or want an easy way to pay, pull out the credit card for a fast and easy payment.

We also accept cash and PayPal. This allows for a secure transaction through reliable payment platforms or none at all!

What If I Can’t Pay Now?

Don’t worry. Azteca is all about ensuring our equipment is easily accessible and affordable to our customers. Through BIispay, we offer a “Buy Now, Pay Later” system. This means you can order your desired equipment and apparel from us and not have to pay a cent out of pocket for 6 Months!

It’s never been easier to shop for all your fitness gear and equipment in one place.

But It Doesn’t Stop There!

Blisplay’s six-month grace period covers the cost of your purchase PLUS interest for all orders over $199. That means no payments and no interest as long as the order is paid in full before the six-month deadline.

And Don’t Forget About Your 2% Cashback!

Did you know that if you purchase through BIispay, you get 2% cashback on every purchase? This applies to every purchase used with your Visa card.

So apply now for our full financing benefits at

Let us help you focus on building a better you with the reliable and quality equipment you need. The cost can come later at your convenience!

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