Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Killeen TX, and currently don't have a storefront. In order to keep prices low for our customers, we have decided to operate from our home. You can still schedule a pick-up if you wish to get your equipment faster.

Q: Do you plan on expanding your inventory?

A: Yes. Like any other hard working company, we have started from the bottom and wish to make it to the top. As our customer base begins to grow, so will our products.  We have received some feedback on what you guys are looking for, and we are working hard to get it to our shelves.

Be on the lookout for our apparel line coming soon!

Q: What are your bumper plates made out of?

A: Our bumper plates are made out of virgin rubber, which means that they will not have that funky smell that takes over your workout area. They are imported and created to our specifications. When we were testing these weights out, we passed them out to local gyms and had them give us some feedback. We have then been modifying our products to be better. 

Our weights are designed with three main key points in mind;

Reliability: We wanted to make sure that our customers were getting the best we could offer. These weights have been tested over and over and over at variable drop lengths with different weight to ensure they will last our customers a long time. Most machines test weights by slowly raising them and dropping them in a controlled environment from an altitude of about 9', we decided to really test this and drop the weights in a more suitable environment, we tested the weights where they are most likely to be used by our customers. 

Affordability: Nowadays you have to spend a fortune to find a decent set of weights. We looked at several suppliers before finding a good set at an affordable price, because we want to make our products affordable to everyone.

Size: What good is it to have an affordable set of weights if you have to sacrifice space for the reliability? When designing our weights, we made sure that they were as small and reliable as we can get them. This way you would get the best of both worlds and not have to worry about sacrificing either.

Q: What kind of barbells do you sell?

A: Currently we only offer needle bearing barbells. Compared to the usual bushing barbells, needle bearing allows the bar to spin more smoothly and longer. By spinning like this, the strain on your wrists is minimized and therefore allowing you to get more reps. These bars are most suited for the person that will be Olympic lifting. Once again, our barbells have been tested to ensure they last you a long time. They have also been dropped along with the weights to ensure they will take a beating and continue to do so for a very long time. You can purchase our barbells with 2, 4 or 8 needle bearings. 

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes. Azteca Nutrition & Fitness has teamed up with Blispay in order to give our customers another option. This company was founded on the basis of providing quality equipment at an affordable price, to ensure our products are affordable to everyone. We understand that to some of us, it helps if we get a little extra time to pay for our goods. When shopping around for a finance company, we made sure that it gave our customers some kind of a rewards system, by using our financing, you will have up to six months to pay for your product before you begin to pay additional fees. Please check out our financing page for more details. 

Q: What makes you better than the rest?

A: At Azteca Nutrition & Fitness we pride ourselves on being a small local company and wish to remain so, this way we can focus on the customer and not so much the company. When dealing with a complaint or return, you will be talking to the actual owner and not a paid employee or even worse, a machine. This will ensure you get your issue solved as soon as possible and without the hassle. 

Q: Can you explain your return policy?

A: Customers have a 30-day money back guarantee, so anytime within those 30 days, you can contact us and we will pay the return fee, replace the item, or give you 100% money back. Anytime after the 30 days, you will have a 3-year warranty to have your product replaced, only thing is that you will have to ship the item to us in order to get a replacement.

Items will be inspected upon return for signs of misuse, neglect or anything that might be considered not factory faulty or normal wear and tear. So if the product breaks due to you being a beast and the equipment just can't keep up with you, we will replace it. But if it breaks because you failed to properly care for the equipment, ie: Dropping the bar on a bench or something that will cause it to bend. Purposely beating the metal ring out of the bumper plates to get a replacement bumper. Dropping the bar on the floor without any weights attached to it.

We guarantee you will have a good set of weight and barbell for at least 3 years.