Azteca Olympic Wooden Rings

Azteca Olympic Wooden Rings

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Azteca Olympic Wooden Rings

Need more of a challenge at the gym? Try our Olympic Wooden Rings! Don’t let their small size fool you— there’s so much to gain from these little guys. Elevate your weight-lifting experience with a tool meant to build core performance, accelerate muscle growth, and develop a true mindfulness of your body’s own capabilities. These rings can be thrown onto nearly any elevated rig for modified push-ups, pull-ups, dips and other exercises.

The wood shaping in Azteca’s Olympic Rings provides an effortless grip that plastic models can’t compete with. This natural slip resistance ensures you won’t put yourself in danger as you engage in a flurry of Olympic feats. With a thickness of 1.25 inches, these wooden rings promise a ruggedness and durability for fitness enthusiasts at any level. They hold up to 500 lbs without breaking and include a 15-foot strap. That way you’re ready to take these bad boys for a spin the second they land on your doorstep.


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