Strength & Weight Loss Stack

Strength & Weight Loss Stack

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Alpha 1-Andro includes 3 basic ingredients proven to help the male body achieve higher levels of physical performance. Alpha 1-Andro is an advanced product which is more potent than the competition. With Alpha 1-andro you will lean out while producing rock hard muscle and increased strength. Alpha Phen is a powerful appetite suppressant pill that can help you lose weight quickly without the jitters and crash associated with many other leading weight loss supplements.

Stack Contains:

  • Alpha Phen
  • Alpha-1 Andro


Alpha 1-Andro will also increase testosterone which has been known to increase libido as well. Use is 2 to 3 capsules a day with 4 hours in between each capsule. A pct is recommended the last week of using Alpha 1- andro. Two bottles is recommended for a cycle.

Alpha 1-ANDRO 650mg **
L2X Matrix CLA Powder
Tribulus Terrestris >98%
Androsta (androsta 3 5 dien-7,17-dione)

Use is 3 to 3 capsules a day spread out over a four hour period. A pct is recommended the last week of using Alpha 1- andro. Two bottles is recommended for a cycle.


Alpha Phen is the desired supplement to help you achieve your weight loss goals Now! Alpha Phen is an extremely powerful thermogenic that only requires 1 capsule everyday day. There are 45 capsules in a bottle so it will last longer than a month. And because it is a powerful product it is in a timed release capsule that will break down over a 12-hour period, this way you can avoid the jitters. Alpha Phen uses a powerful combination of herbs such as synepherine, beta Phen, geranium, and alpha yohimbine to increase metabolism and destroy your appetite. Alpha Phen is one of the strongest fat burners available on the market today and we’re proud to have it a part of the Alpha Elite Performance Arsenal. Alpha Phen Suggested Use: Take 1 capsule in the morning. Do not exceed 1 capsule daily! The reason that Alpha Phen is such an effective formula is because of the ingredients used to help you lose weight.

This formula is meant to improve your metabolism, which burns fat at a faster pace than you’re used to. What makes this formula so effective? We used top grade quality ingredients. Synephrine Beta Phen Geranium Alpha yohimbine with each of these helpful ingredients, you have the power to change the way your body handles the nutrients you consume. Continue to read below to find out about the benefits of each substance. Synephrine is a naturally-occurring alkaloid, which is used for its plentiful benefits for your weight loss.

It helps you promote healthy and radiant skin, which just improves upon the formula’s original benefit. It also helps to even out your hormones, which may help you treat any imbalance that is impacting your weight gain. Alpha Yohimbine comes from the bark of an African tree. It is known for its ability to block your body from producing additional fat as you eat a regular diet. For some consumers, it helps to treat erectile dysfunction.

The primary purpose of this fat burner is to give you extra energy while helping to curb cravings so you can put on lean muscle mass or shed extra weight fast. Along with boosting your metabolism, and accelerating your calorie expenditure, you can also expect increased stamina making it possible to work out harder and longer.

You also get a Power Blend of ingredients that help elevate your mood and promote general overall wellbeing.

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